Visit Jared’s Bagels for delicious foods and refreshing drinks.

We have everything from freshly baked bagels and healthy wraps to burgers & fries and scrumptious brownies.

Yogurt & Granola

Jared's Bagels

Visit our Shop at 13 Road 233 in Maadi

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Enjoy a handmade bagel – baked fresh every morning.

Bagel Sandwiches

Try our smoked turkey bagel sandwich on a bagel of your choice.

Healthy Wraps

Bite into a healthy turkey wrap and see why so many people choose Jared’s Bagels for lunch.

Packing Your Lunch?

The Pepperoni Twist is a great option for those who pack their lunch. It’s quick and easy to pack – and just as easy to heat.

The Ultimate Omelet

Hungry? This massive omelet with sliced potatoes and toast will hit the spot.

Snack Time!

You just can’t beat a moist homemade brownie as an afternoon snack.

About Us

Here at Jared’s Bagels we offer a wide variety of delicious meals, snacks and baked goods.

Whether you’re craving a hearty burger or a warm & toasty bagel, we will surely be able to satisfy that lunch time (or snack time) desire!

Stop by Jared’s Bagels today and discover your new favorite restaurant.


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